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It’s a terribly dreary day here in Indiana. So in honor of days that beg for a blanket, fire, and cup of tea or hot cocoa piled with marshmallows, I’m giving away one or two books. The choice is up to you. If we have ten comments, I’ll give away one. If we have twenty or more comments I’ll give away both.

The books are ones I picked up at the Christian Book Expo when my friends were signing. Yes, they’re autographed. I’m not even keeping them!

The first book is Gingham Mountain by Mary Connealy which I adored (click the link for my review). The second book is The Red Siren by ML Tyndall, which is on my to be read pile. Leave a comment that includes your favorite type of book to read on dreary days. I’ll pick a winner on Saturday, so spread the word quickly!

601410: Gingham Mountain, Lassoed in Texas Series #3 Gingham Mountain, Lassoed in Texas Series #3

By Mary Connealy

When Hannah Cartwright meets Grant, a disreputable-looking wrangler, she’s determined to keep him from committing two orphan train children to hard labor on his ranch. How long will she have to play the role of schoolmarm before she gets a chance to rescue the children? Prudence, the town dressmaker, has designs on Grant. Will she succeed in securing his affections? As Grant struggles to run the ranch and raise six orphans, he finds love making tracks to his heart. Will he be caught in a web of deceit or lassoed by the love of one good woman?

601567: The Red Siren, Charles Towne Belles Series #1 The Red Siren, Charles Towne Belles Series #1

By Mary Lu Tyndall

Faith Westcott, a fiery redhead, is a lady by day and a pirate by night. How long can she maintain this dual identity before she’s caught red handed? Dajon Waite, who scours the Carolina coast, expunging it of pirates and smugglers, is a more-than-capable captain in the British Royal Navy. But when asked to take on the guardianship of Faith and her two sisters, he finds himself in deep water. Having vowed to avoid women, what will he do when he begins falling for Faith? Can the all-consuming love of a godly captain redeem a not-so-ladylike pirate?

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  1. I recently discovered books by Sharon Hinck. After reading her most recent novel “Stepping into Sunlight”, I realized how vital it is to read and be encouraged especially during the dreary days where the sunshine seems to be hiding!

  2. Reading your books keeps my mind at ease…funny how a suspense can ease one’s mind…but they provide me some time away from the “always on the go, always doing something for someone else” routine.

    I have yet to read books from the authors listed on your post.

    And we finally got rid of the duldrums…looking to a sunshine-filled Cinco de Mayo celebration here.


  3. Wow. Those look like good reads. I love coming to different posts and discovering new writers. Definitely any good book on a day like today. I really have no preference. Though it always depends on if I have one to read. I finished the Randy Singer’s “By Reason of Insanity” and am left bookless at the moment. Maybe I can make a run to the library before company comes. Maybe not.
    Teresa W.

  4. Both of these books are wonderful! Mary’s writing style is just so refreshing and fun (and funny!) while ML Tyndall has a gift for the pirates, intrigue and swashbuckling romance genre (that is it’s own genre isn’t it?).

    Of course I just finished A Passion Denied by Julie Lessman (yes it is 4:03 in the morning right now… I JUST finished it!) her books are definitely the kind that will lift your spirits on a rainy day!

  5. I read a variety of books. These both look good. Right now I’m reading a lot of suspense. It’s also raining here which makes it a perfect day to stay in and read.
    Carol M
    mittens0831 AT aol.com

  6. Since the MOA writer’s convention, I’ve found I really enjoy the love inspired historicals the best. Before that, I read mysteries. Met so many new and exciting authors. SOOOO glad I went! Mysteries/thrillers run second place now.

  7. Thank-you for introducing us to a variety of writers and a wide range of writing styles. I appreciate your willingness to part with the signed books.
    Rhonda P.

  8. Both of these books sound good. They have gotten great reviews.

    On a dreary day, I like to read historical romances. It’s nice to escape to another time and place for a while.

  9. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for this beautiful selection. I enjoy and become lost within the pages of historicals which transport me to another realm.

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