Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

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Today is my Grandpa’s 90th birthday. Can you imagine all that he has seen during his lifetime? We’re celebrating with a big party. And I want to celebrate here, by giving away one copy of Canteen Dreams for every ten comments left. While Canteen Dreams is my first novel, it is based loosely on my Grandpa and his experiences during World War Two.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

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  1. Happy Birthday Grampa…

    What a legacy…90 years. May God grant him many spiritually fruitful years.


  2. 90 years is a wonderful testament to walking with the Lord! It is wonderful too that you have a family that celebrates these milestones. Since I’m a mere 26 years away from that mark, I can appreciate those years that bring wisdom and the love of having a family around to appreciate that wisdom is a gift from God. Congratulations to Grandpa and may he grace your life for many more years…Paula Shene, author, Mandy The Alpha Dog

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