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I have not read many Kristen Heitzmann books — in fact I think the only other one of hers I read was Halo several years ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect with The Edge of Recall, even after the first few chapters. The plot and characters slowly sucked me in until I couldn’t put the book down. I’d classify this as almost psychological suspense since the line between reality and dreams wavers through the pages.

Tessa Young is fascinated by labyrinths. Maybe because she’s long dreamed of a monster who’s been locked inside one. For years she and have her psychiatrists have tried to destroy the monster to no avail. Then she’s invited to unearth a centuries old labyrinth. The only problem is it will require her to work with her other scar, Smith Chandler. He betrayed her years ago when they were college students. Tessa accepts the job, determined to find closure on both fronts.

Instead, the work site is vandalized by an unknown force, the town is talking about its ghost, and her dreams and memories are increasing in their strength. As romance begins to develop, Tessa has to decide whether to permanently remove her walls or stay cocooned in an attempt to avoid pain.

The plot slowly spirals into tighter and tighter twists. It literally sucked me in through gentle waves. There are hints of suspense intertwined with layers of romance. And the psychological component of this book is very strong. Tessa is barraged with dreams and memories that leave her wondering what to believe.

The past is so tightly tied to the present, that she has no hope of a future until she can put the past behind her. To do so requires strength and a willingness to go where her mind won’t go. And who can she trust? This book had me thinking and interacting with the characters the whole way through. Tessa’s stand-offish nature made it a bit of a challenge to get into her mind, but she became multi-faceted and very likeable by the end. She handles the challenges thrown her way with a strength I hope I would demonstrate.

I enjoyed this book, and am delighted to have a copy to giveaway. To enter to win, leave a comment here. It’s also your last chance to comment for a chance to win Fatal Deduction; leave a comment today!

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  1. This was a good book – psychological thriller is a good way to describe it, I couldn’t think of that word and said it was intellectual. Regardless of what word is used it is a good book and you should all sign up for this copy Cara is giving away!

  2. Hello, I really enjoyed your take on this book. The main character’s interest in labyrinths intrigues me as does the psychological aspects of her life. Please enter my name in your drawing for this book. Thanks, Cindi

  3. Hi Cara. I think Kristen is one of my favorite authors. Seems she can write about anything. I have eagerly anticipated this book and would love to win a copy!

    In Him,
    Mimi B

    mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

  4. Kristen is one of my favorite authors. She is one of the first that I read and started me down the road of Christian fiction. I would love to win this book and have be watching for it to come out. She is really an awesome writer of contemporary fiction. Please include me.

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