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Beth has graciously agreed to give away an autographed copy of this book, so be sure to play along and leave a comment!
Isn’t this cover beautiful! I purposefully didn’t ask for this book for review. I’ll buy it after I turn this next book in, but here’s the blurb…doesn’t it sound good. And keep reading for something fun they asked us “creative” types to try…

Tour de Force by Elizabeth White.

Gillian Kincade is a soloist with Ballet New York, a sought-after guest artist, and a committed Christian. Though she may be an anomaly in the world of dance, Gilly believes her devotion to God isn’t compromised by following her dreams. Then she meets Jacob Ferrar.

Jacob is the brilliant young artistic director of the Birmingham Ballet Theatre and a born-again Christian. When he offers Gillian the lead in his latest ballet she accepts, knowing it won’t necessarily further her career, but it will touch her soul.

On the chaotic road to opening night, Gilly and Jacob develop a deep professional respect for each other and begin to fall in love. Then their brilliant first performance is destroyed by a terrible accident, and suddenly both must face an uncertain future. Together, they dance the fine line between personal vision and God’s will, listening for the guidance of the Father’s heart. You can learn more about Elizabeth’s books at

Okay, so here’s the fun thing. They asked us to write an acrostic using the letters in the title. Um, I’m so not creative in that respect. So prepare to laugh as you read this! I’m calling this an ode to summer 🙂

UVA rays
Delicious ice cream
Everybody dance now
Frolic in the sun
Outside all day
Roast marshmallows
Carefree days
Evaporates too quickly

Tada (envision bow here). Anyone want to play? Leave an acrostic for one of the words in the title, and I’ll have my kids select a winner. The winner can have their choice from my stack of giveaway books. So leave your acrostics 🙂

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  1. Tootsie Rolls
    Orange Julius
    Uno bars
    Rice Krispy Treats
    Everlasting Gobstoppers
    Five pounds of gummy bears
    One hundred grand bars
    Red M&M’s
    Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Endless bags of popcorn

    What can I say? I was hungry!

  2. Tour de Zoo
    (I mean Force!)


    (BTW-Urial is a type of sheep)

  3. I made one for Fathers Day!!

    Ever loving
    Everyone’s hero


  4. I have four sons so things that they do everyday were where my thoughts were!
    T- Tumbling
    O- Oranges
    U- Underestimated
    R- Radical

    d- Dangerous
    e- eating

    F- Flips
    O- Oreos
    R- Rambunctious
    C- Candid
    E- Endless Energy


  5. This was a lot of fun. My daughter helped me. Mine is about softball since that’s what our world consists of at the moment.

    T – Tournament
    O – Out
    U – Umpire
    R – Run

    D – Dugout
    E – Error

    F – Foul
    O – Overthrow
    R – RBI
    C – Cleats
    E – Equipment


  6. T Timeout
    O Ocean
    U Unappreciated
    R Royal
    D Divine
    E Everlasting Love
    F Fortune
    O Oval
    R Red robin
    C Cat
    E Endless patience

  7. I’ll try a school theme…being a teacher and all!

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    Oral reading today?
    Understand the concept?
    Respect others, please!

    Devote youself!
    Excellent Effort!

    First Aid is important!
    Observe the golden rule!
    Reward for hard work!
    Choose wisely!
    Eyes on the teacher, please!

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