5 Things You Never Heard a Homeschool Mama Say

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Here in Indiana we’re nearing the end of the first quarter of school. Fall break is around the corner for many of us.

It’s been a long year one that flies back to fast and yet isn’t going fast enough.

Still the cycle of homeschooling and education continues. So for fun, here are five things I don’t think you’ll ever hear a homeschool mama say:

  1. I have arrived. For most homeschooling mamas, they are doing the very best they can with very little feedback. Many days are a struggle because you wonder if you are doing well. Have you met each child’s needs? Are you missing something crucial? Will a child be hampered for life?
  2. There’s too much time in our schedule. Just like many other families, homeschoolers are active…sometimes too active. Yet when we look for ways to cut back and simplify, it’s hard. We want our kids to learn…and they’re frankly interested in so much it’s hard to know where to cut back. There is so much to do! The question is where we should focus our time and energy.
  3. I don’t have enough options. A corollary to #2 is the reality that opportunities abound for homeschoolers. And the curriculum options can be downright overwhelming. I’m pretty zoned in on the curriculum that I like. Even so, I find myself pouring over catalogs and websites wondering if I’m making the correct choices for each child. Just because X worked well last year doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try Y this year, right? Everybody has the curriculum that’s their favorite, and what if it’s not mine? Am I limiting my kids if I don’t explore other options? Ack!
  4. I don’t see enough of my children. Okay, this may be me alone 🙂 But most homeschoolers do so at least in part because they want to have time with their kiddos. They want to develop strong family bonds that will last a lifetime. It also means that there are times I like to break away from my kids. Whether it’s for a movie with friends, an hour to work out, or a piece of time to develop and use my talents and skills, it’s important to remember that homeschooling parents are more than just that hat. It’s one of many that we wear.
  5. Other schooling options are inferior. They aren’t inferior, they are simply different. In Lafayette, we are blessed with many educational options. There are three public school systems, multiple faith-based schools, and many other choices. Homeschooling is one way that parents can choose to educate their children. I have been grateful that it doesn’t have to be our only choice. And as our oldest takes a couple classes at one of the high schools, I’m grateful for the way the schools can provide some experiences it’s hard to duplicate here at home. So just because we homeschool doesn’t mean we believe other options are inferior…it just means this is the best choice for our family.

What would you add to this list?

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  1. I agree with all of these, because I can’t imagine saying them either! Another one that I don’t say: “Yes, we are lucky to be able to homeschool.”

    Side note, as one of the .05% of men (<– completely made-up stat) who are the primary homeschooler, I would love to be included in these kinds of discussions (when they aren't specific to the experience qua being a woman).

    Thank you for sharing!

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  2. What else you never hear a homeschool mom say – my kids love school all of the time. Even though my kids want to be at home, they still would rather do other things school most of the time. Definitely takes some prodding … er persuasion to convince them otherwise.

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