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Teaching faith to our children is a daunting task. My primary role as my children’s mother is to help guide them to a personal relationship with Christ. If I’ve discipled others, but neglected my children, then ultimately I have failed. To that end, I am always looking for resources that engage my children, while helping them find a personal relationship.

Recently I was sent a copy of the Kids’ Visual Study Bible. I was intrigued by the idea that it had more than the books of the Bible and would have images and notes to help my kids see where the Bible happened and gain context. What surprised me was the fact that my six-year-old (who’s reading at a fifth grade or higher level) was the one who latched onto this book. He is a reluctant writer, but the first day he started reading Revelations and making notes in the margin space provided. I know what you’re thinking (I did, too). Why would a child pick Revelations as his starting point? I don’t know, but my 16 year old had great insight. It may be the perfect time to read Revelations because the 6 year old has no context to tell him what he’s reading is impossible. Oh to have that child like wonder and faith!

Back to the Kids’ Visual Study Bible. It has well designed charts interposed with images. One chart gives visualization to the number of men that David led his men to defeat. Then there’s one illustrating Solomon’s wealth. In the margins there are notes about key verses or explanations of easy to misunderstand words like Almugwood, east wind, milk of nations, Samaritans, and many more. The way the Bible is laid out makes it welcoming to young readers, but also contains the information to help a middle grade reader move to the next level in Bible study.

I’ve been delighted to watch my youngest carry this Bible around and adopt it as his permanent, go-to Bible. If you have a child who is ready to dive into personal Bible study, this could be the Bible to help them understand what they’re reading.

Now here’s my favorite Bible for reading to young children. Someone gifted us the Rhyme Bible when our oldest was an infant, and I will be forever grateful. This is a Bible you can read to your youngest children, but that you will enjoy through their early years. The illustrations are delightful, and the rhyming words candy for your ears. It’s a great way to grab your child’s attention and introduce them to the Bible stories that are core to faith. While it is not a complete Bible, it is a wonderful way to start a habit of reading the Bible together wit h your children. It looks like the version we loved may be out of print, but you can get a similar version here.

What Bibles helped you guide your children along the journey of faith? Do you have any you highly recommend?

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  1. My 18 month old grandson will be receiving The Rhyme Bible after reading your review. Thank you!
    Also, want to thank you for offering the Book Giveaway. An email popped up from signing up and thank you for the free gift books from several of the authors and you. I read and review books on my blog. You made my day!

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