Fiction Friday: History Meets Fiction in Shadowed By Grace Video

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This summer I got the privilege and joy of teaching 29 undergrads in Italy. Yes…I just typed that magical word…Italy. My family was based in Siena while I taught every day for two weeks. Then we had some flexibility as we split time between students and seeing a bit more of Italy…particularly Rome.

This was an incredible trip…dream come true really. Photos like these say it all.

Yes, that’s the Ponte Vecchio in Florence behind us.

But what I loved most of all was getting to see so many of the places I researched and wrote about while working on Shadowed by Grace. I love knowing what’s real in the novels I read, and I have a feeling some of you do as well. So here’s one of the videos I made. And then scroll below for a few more photos.

Why yes, that is Siena’s Campo tower behind us…

A few photos from Rome…

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