Reasons to be Thankful

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A Writer's Reasons to be Thankful (2)

Thanksgiving is next week, and that means our thoughts turn to all of the reasons we have to be thankful.

signing TN contract

Signing my new contract: legal romantic suspense!

There is so much I have to be thankful for. A wonderful husband. Four amazing kids. A house that more than meets our needs. A fulfilling job and the same for my husband. This year I signed a contract with my dream editor at my dream publisher…a long process, but another reason to be thankful. I’ve had the opportunity to write two books for another great publisher with a good friend of mine. I’ve also seen a story of my heart, Shadowed by Grace, final and win some prestigious awards. Oh, and let’s not forget that crazy MBA!

It has been an amazing year!

I’ve also watched friends go through challenging seasons — some of which are still ongoing and hard. We’ve had a couple hard things in our family, too. Our house didn’t sell as quickly as we (and everyone else) thought it would. My husband had a crazy year physically.Give thanks

Through it all, God reminded me to be thankful.Some days it was a hard choice. But it’s still a choice I get to make. I can choose to remember all that I have been given. Or I can focus on first world problems. I can complain because I have a lot to juggle, or I can be thankful for four healthy kids who like to do things. I can think I have no time for me, or I can be thankful for two jobs I love and the wonderful freedom to homeschool my kids.

So this year I’m grateful for the things listed above. But I’m also thankful for the writing community God has placed me in. I’m grateful for all the readers who read my books and let me know when they enjoy them. I’m grateful that I get to live this dream and for each book that finds a home. And I’m grateful for you. Thanks for being part of my journey. It’s an incredible ride!

I’m also over at the Writer’s Alley today talking about writerly reasons I’m thankful. What makes your heart sing with Thankfulness right now?

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