Marketing 101: What Matters to You?

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This month I’m working on some of the marketing pieces for Shadowed by Grace, elements you’ll start seeing in the next weeks as we race toward the December 15th early release date. Next week we’ll shoot a couple of behind the scenes videos. I’ll be uploading all kinds of supporting images to Pinterest. I’ll write lots of blog posts that take you behind the scenes.

I really don’t mind marketing. There’s an energy and synergy that develops when I’m working with idea people to generate innovative ways to spread the word about a particular book.

How do you discover new books and new-to-you authors?

Is it through word of mouth? Somebody tells you about a wonderful book they’ve read and highly recommend that you do the same.

Is it through twitter, facebook, pinterest or another online presence? By scanning the web do you find a resource that leads you to a new book?

What has been the most effective tool you’ve seen to introduce you to a book?

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