Mother’s Day Special Delivery

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I’m not sure we could have scripted a better Mother’s Day blessing for our family.

While our daughter arrived on Saturday night, it has been a delight to celebrate with family and friends today on Mother’s Day.

The kids and I visited Cara and baby Rebecca at the hospital before heading over to our church this morning. We might be excused for our late arrival but I ought to seek forgiveness for creating the distraction that followed. As we joined the service already in progress, sharp-eyed friends noted the hospital tag strapped around my wrist and discreetly asked,”did Cara have the baby?” Wouldn’t you know it but this proud papa had a digital camera full of photos and slipped it to the family right behind us. In a moment the camera was circulating 15 rows behind us and worship took a bit of a detour for the families in our immediate location!

Suffice it to say, we’re blessed, blessed, blessed to welcome Rebecca to the family. Enjoy the photos and I’m sure Cara will have much to share when we let her get back to her laptop again.

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  1. Dear Eric and Cara, Abigail and Jonathan,
    We rejoice with you in the arrival of Rebecca Paige! How wonderful to have her here!
    God bless you,
    Pastor Ted and Sue

  2. I’m so incredibly happy that Rebecca has arrived safe and sound and the family was able to celebrate a very “special” mother’s day this year! Many blessings on the new addition!

  3. She’s absolutely gorgeous! You need to have that music playing on the blog – Isn’t She Lovely 😀

    She’s a beauriful addition to her brother and sister. A new writer in the making?

    Congratulations to the Putmans.

  4. What a beautiful Mother’s Day present. I’m so glad that mother and baby are doing well. Can’t wait to meet her. You have lovely children (of course).


  5. What a beautiful addition to your family! And like everyone else has already said, what a way to celebrate Mother’s Day!


  6. Aww, what a precious little girl. And Abigail looks just like you, Cara. Look at those blond locks on both your daughter and son. Hard to say if Rebecca will be the same, but you’ve got a beautiful family.


    Thanks, Eric, for sharing the story. I had to laugh at the distraction during worship. I did that once, but it was when I got engaged and came back home to show off the ring. 🙂

    God rejoices with us, so I’m sure He forgave.

  7. Congrats Cara!! So excited for you and your new addition. All 3 kids are beautiful! Praying that all goes smooth as you transition to having a baby in the house again!


  8. Thanks, everyone. We have been blessed with another delightful baby. And we’ll try to get more photos up soon. Abigail and Jonathan are loving having a little sister. And it’s fun to compare baby photos and see just how strong the family resemblance is.

  9. Oh my–congratulations!! What a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thank you for sharing the story and photos–hope you’re all enjoying some special time together!

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