If you love romances set in the west: 5 authors you should read

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Love cowboys? A romance set in Texas or the West? Then I have a few authors you should definitely check out. These women write great Christian romance that also contains a cowboy hat or two.

Karen Witemeyer is a master of the romantic comedy set in the 1850s forward in Texas. Her books are a hoot! The quick repartee between the hero and heroine often has me in stitches — me! The one born without a funny bone (according to one of my brothers). All you have to do is look at the covers to get a sense of heroines who are strong, independent women, and heroes who can stand up to them…sometimes with a little help. And some of the books, like Full Steam Ahead, also teach me a little bit about something new to me. I love that! And don’t worry, it doesn’t slow down the story one wit — instead, it keeps each one feeling new and fresh. So I highly recommend her award winning books to you!

Next up is my friend and fellow Nebraskan Mary Conneally. Her books are all about cowboys and the women who tame them. I haven’t been able to keep up with all of her books — this woman is prolific! But I can tell you I have enjoyed many of them. There’s a strong sense of humor, but there’s also a sweetness to the stories — don’t tell her I said that because she might not agree. Often that sweetness comes from the very strong spiritual thread. A great example is Gingham Mountain, the best example of God’s adoptive love for us that I’ve read. Her books take place across the wild West: Colorado, Montana, Texas, etc. And if you want cowboys, you will find all kinds in her novels. White hats, black hats, confused hats. Her books are fantastic and well-worth your time.

Next up is Regina Jennings. Regina’s books have a fun sense of humor (hmmm, are you sensing a theme?) Her four books are set in the 1860s-ish and have a heroine who is often trapped in some way and there’s an impossible situation she has to overcome. Sound like life? Then there’s a hero who isn’t sure he wants to be the hero and often is in direct conflict with the heroine. Add in a great cast of supporting characters and enough conflict to keep the pages turning, and I think her books will fill your love for the 1860s and cowboys…

Pam Hillman also writes books with cowboys. You knew she had to because this post is all about cowboys. Her books are also set in the late 1800s and have characters that will work their way into your mind even when you’re not reading. With a swoon worthy hero and a heroine who stands on her own, these are titles you should check out.

My friend Colleen Coble has also written a couple series set in Texas — one contemporary and one historical. Each series has a romantic mystery/suspense thread to keep the characters hopping. These books often, but not always, have a marriage of convenience angle, and the contemporary series has a definite romantic suspense feel. The historicals have a mystery, but not quite the same suspense level. Still, you can’t go wrong with either of her series — it just depends on whether you like historicals or contemporary novels.

So here are a few Christian fiction authors you should definitely try if you like your romances with cowboys in them. Who would you add to this list?

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