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Oh my! I love this classic romantic comedy. Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. Is there anything not to like? This is another classic from 1934 and a pure delight. It Happened One Night didn’t do to badly in the Oscars, winning five in 1935. But that’s not a reason to watch the movie…

The reason is the great interaction between Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. This is Clark before Gone With the Wind, before he became labeled in many minds as Rhett Butler. Instead, in this movie he plays a journalist who needs a big scoop to get his job back…and he just happens to stumble onto it when he gets on the same bus as an escaping heiress.

What follows is a romp across the country as he promises to get her back to New York and her betrothed if she’ll give him the exclusive. While this movie is filled with delightful moments…a driver singing “young people in love” in all kinds of off-key ways…Clark showing her how to hitchhike “just watch the thumb,” and many more, one of the things I’ve always appreciated about it is the wall of Jericho. What’s that you ask? You’ll have to watch the movie to see.

It’s available many places online including at Amazon for under $10. And if you don’t trust me just look at any of the best 100 movie lists, and you’ll see this one near the top.

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  1. I’ll have to check this one out… I’ve actually never seen it even though I’m a pretty big old movie buff. I was watching His Girl Friday with my husband just the other night, and he went to another room half-way through because he said it was too stressful to keep up with! Haha. I love it, though. Old classics are the best!

  2. This movie is so much fun. I actually thought Leap Year with Amy Adams took some inspiration from this storyline. Of course nothing beats a classic. 🙂

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