How to Help Authors: Write Reviews

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Today I’m over at the Writer’s Alley. Here’s the beginning of the post.

Periodically, I’ll get to spend time with readers or developing writers. I absolutely love it. There’s something so fun about rediscovering books through the eyes of a book club. Or to talk about why they want to write with new writers. Often it will come up that they’d like to help and encourage their favorite authors, but they don’t always know how.

One super easy way is to write a review. It can be as easy as leaving a 5 star mark on Amazon or as detailed as telling people why you liked a book.

Writing a review can be intimidating but it doesn’t need to be. I’m always glad to help people feel more comfortable spreading the word about books they love. I love to tell everyone about books that I love…and now that I’m an author, I know just how much a well written review — even if it’s a few sentences (or stars) can help authors.

Many readers use the number of reviews as one way to decide whether or not to try a book or a new to them author. It’s really easy to write reviews! Really.
You can read the rest at the Writers Alley.

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