Memory’s Door Review and a Magic Trick

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My friend James Rubart has a new book out: Memory’s Door, the second installment in the Well Springs series. All the characters I came to love in the first book, Soul’s Gate are back…this time with even more challenges as they press into God. The crux of this book is an allegory about how Satan will disguise himself as the angel of light and trick us into believing there are certain parts of us or our past too dangerous to bring into the light. If we just stuff them deep enough, we’ll be okay. But if they ever come out…our lives as we know them are over.

Memory’s Door is a great sequel, but it does not stand alone. This is a series that should be read in order and with a heart open to the idea of having the box we place God in stretched. My husband and I both really enjoy this series and Jim’s writing.

Jim has done something really fun with this book. He’s created a youtube video of a magic trick that is included in the book. Jim used to be a semi-professional magician, so he’s quite good with the trick. Enjoy it below!

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