A Most Peculiar Circumstance

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I loved Jen Turano’s free novella Gentleman of Her Dreams and thoroughly enjoyed her debut novel A Change of Fortune. While I enjoyed A Most Peculiar Circumstance, it didn’t have the same level of fun that floated through the other two.

Arabella is a heroine determined to do good in the world with a penchant for finding trouble. Toward the end of that book, that stretched believability but I could tell it was coming and gladly went along for the ride. The hero is a very stiff and proper bloke who doesn’t know what to do with the non-traditional Arabella. At times his dialogue was stilted, but I enjoyed watching him unfold and loosen up. He really didn’t know what to do…and the fits and starts added plenty of opporutnities for explosions between the hero and heroine. The history isn’t new, but this book will be an enjoyable read for those who like the 1880s.

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