Review: Don’t Look Back

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While I liked the first book in this series, Don’t Look Back is a brilliant suspense offering from Lynette Eason. With this book she has won me over and created a fan. Not common with a second book!

Jamie Cash is a heroine you can’t help but cheering for and understanding. What she has overcome is mind-boggling. And what she is headed into is terrifying. But through it all she has an inner strength and faith that resonated. And I loved her career path — who wouldn’t find a forensic anthropologist fascinating?!?! And Dakota Rich is the perfect hero. An FBI agent, he is richly drawn, at a different point in his faith journey, but completely a hero with no hopes of the heroine reciprocating his love…yet he’s there anyway. Made me think of Christ as I read.

And the suspense plot is great! I have to admit that I figured out who the killer was a little over halfway in, but the twist at the end was unanticipated. And even though I know who had done it, the pages flew as I tried to see if I was right.

This book is rich with layers and a great read for those who like intense romantic suspense with a strong faith element.

I received the book from the publisher.

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