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Hey, faithful blog readers! I’ve got exciting news. Not only am I reviewing a fun book, That’s (not exactly) Amore by Tracey Bateman, but you have the opportunity to win either a copy of this book or the whole series. I haven’t read the first two books yet, though I’m now hunting them down, but my friend at Faith Words told me she’d let me give away either this book or the series. Isn’t that cool! So read the review, and then tell me why we should giveaway the whole series. You have to promise to read it LOL So maybe one book is better after all. You decide!

Now here’s the review.

Laini Sullivan is trying to finish her degree in interior design. Only problem: she may be color-blind and is failing her classes. Her only hope is to do a phenomenal job on the final project: redecorating her favorite coffee shop as it expands. She’s feeling a bit off center since both drama queen roommates have moved out and wonders if she’ll ever find a special relationship.

This book was a fun read. I laughed my way through it as I cheered for Laini to discover who she is. She’s lived life trying to be what her parents expected. Now she’s doing interior design, and it’s just not working. So what should she do? I think most of us can relate to that question. Her journey of discovery is filled with friends, crazy experiences, and then there’s her mother. Wow! Is her life complicated.

Laini is a lovable character that you want to root for. Unlike some chick lit books, I never wanted to smack her upside the head and tell her to grow up — I’d begun to wonder if characters like Laini were still being written by anyone other than Trish Perry and Kristin Billerbeck. Okay, there was one time I thought she was being dumb, but her fears about Joe’s family seemed real to her. So once in the book I can live with.

The spiritual thread is one I’m dealing with now, too. How can I incorporate God into my life on a daily basis through prayer. It seems so simple to say, but why is it so hard to do? Wouldn’t it be easier to trust Him with our lives and hear Him when His still, small voice whispers if I was in constant communication?

So leave your comments. And let’s see if it’s a series giveaway or this book!

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  1. OF COURSE you have to give the whole series away! You can’t just read one of them. You have to have the whole story! I am sooo bad about not reading books out of order. I wanted to read one of the Thoene’s books, and found out that it was something like the 20th book in an ongoing story… Yep now I own and have read all of them! Thank God I have enough bookshelves! 🙂 BTW Please enter me in the drawing! 🙂

  2. This wonderful book looks so inviting and enticing. I would enjoy reading this story as well as the entire series. What a delight this would be. Thanks for having this great giveaway.

  3. It HAS to be a giveaway for the whole series. I am completely not able to read books out of order. I even reread books in order before a new release just so it’s fresh in my mind. I would love to read this whole series… Thanks for the chance at some new read(s)!
    ~Crystal M.

  4. The whole series please the whole series and of course pick me ! I love love love to read and consistantly finish novels within a day or two depend on the size and what else I’ve got going. Right now it seems I can’t finish a novel in a week because I’m watching Olympics nonstop ! 🙂
    I’m currently reading a series from Lauraine Snelling and one from Tracie Peterson and they are all ones I’ve read before several times because our library is small and it doesn’t get in Christian novels all that often !
    Sooooo I’d love a new series and a new author to get into ! I drink books . . somewhat literally , I read slower then several of my family members but I take in every detail. Lucky me I like them so much so I read them over and over despite the fact that I remember what happens 🙂
    Anyway I’m stopping now and letting you put my name in the hat . . . ty and I’ll be bookmarking this blog 😀

    Contact me here please if I win . . .

  5. It would be great to read this entire series. Love the cover of this book greatly. Thanks for this chance. What a fabulous and delightful giveaway.

  6. Thanks for your wonderful post today about this unique and lovely series. I know that this would be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Impressive and special giveaway which I appreciate. Thanks.

  7. The whole series would be an incredible summer reading marathon. Something unforgettable and worth thinking about forever. Books are to be cherished and this series would be. Thanks for the excellent giveaway.

  8. Come on Cara! 3 books – Gold, Silver, Bronze – how could you not give away the whole series!!! This book is fabulous by the way, but I haven’t read the first two yet either – so enter me if you give away the set because I’d love to learn more about Tabby and Dancy 🙂 And then you can come enter at my blog where I’ll be giving away the whole set starting tomorrow 🙂

    ryanx6 at msn dot com

  9. Our family has been watching the women’s sand volleyball, men’s swimming and men’s and women’s gymnastics! I would love to be entered in your book drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

    Your children are precious!


  10. I’m good with either option and here’s why. I haven’t read any of them so winning the entire series would be great for me. On the other hand my 17 yr old has read the 1st two and hasn’t gotten to the 3rd one yet! So, she’d love to have this book in her little hands. If we were to win, someone (ok all) of us would be happy.

    Mimi B

    mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

  11. I would love to read this series. It sounds like a fun one. It is always so much better when you have at least two books to a series so you can read them back to back. That’s what I usually try to do but I have to admit that sometimes it is so hard to wait.


  12. Reading books out of order? No way.
    that’s why you have to give the whole series away.
    please enter me in the draw.
    sarahwoll at hotmail dot com

  13. Why would I love to win the “whole series” because I’d be lost if I was to just win one of the books in a series, especially since I can’t get out and about to go and borrow the other previous books at our local library! I’m 36 weeks preggo and am not allowed to drive until 8 weeks after I have our baby girl! 🙁

    I’d be sure to pass the books on to my bestest friend ever when I was through too, we always read each others books! 🙂

    phillipsonlygirl at gmail dot com

  14. I’ve read one of the previous books in this series…it was awesome! I’m dying to read about Laini(and get the rest of the books…you must give away the whole series!!) please enter me!

  15. I’ve read the first book in the series but not the newest two and would love to read both. (My library only carries the first in the series.)

    Thanks for this generous offer!

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