The Power of a Half Hour

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Life pulls us so many different directions. It’s easy to feel like we are meeting ourselves coming and going. The Power of a Half Hour helped me to remember to pull back and focus on half hour increments and how much can be accomplished in that timeframe. When we refocus, we realize how much can be done in that small segment of time. Even if you feel like you’re already doing all you can, this book will help your refocus on what’s truly important. Packed with inspiration and tips, it’s a game-changer.

Here’s more:

Turn your fleeting minutes into defining moments. 

What can you do in 30 minutes? Have lunch? Watch television? Check Facebook?

How about change your life?

Why do some people achieve far more than others? We all get the same 24 hours in a day, yet a special few seem to have superhuman abilities when it comes to accomplishing great things in life.

Tommy Barnett, a proven master at “getting things done,” says the key to maximizing your productivity is to make use of small, manageable moments in your day—just 30 minutes at a time.  In this remarkably practical book, Tommy shows how to begin a whole new life of fruitfulness. You’ll see immediate results in all areas of your life, including your—

·         Purpose and values
·         Personal goals
·         Faith
·         Character and attitude
·         Dreams
·         Career
·         Relationships
·         Marriage and family
·         Church involvement and ministry

Why not change time from being your worst enemy to your everlasting friend? It all starts with the amazing things you can do in only a half hour.  Through inspiring stories and biblical principles, discover how your downtime can have a major upside.

Get going—you don’t have a minute to lose!

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