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Friday morning I got an email from a friend. She had picked up a copy of Sandhill Dreams. I’ll let her tell the rest…

Hey Cara,

I had to write quickly this morning and share with you what a blessing Sandhill Dreams has been to me! I started reading it this week, and have just been ministered to. Last night, I read the chapter where Lainie gets the letter from her roommate Roxie with the words of Isaiah 43 in it…and it sooo just set my heart and mind straight on getting through this proposal meeting today! He has summoned me by NAME – and is with me! I so needed to hear those words – and it’s just perfect of God to use your book to bring them to me!

My heart sang with joy after receiving this email. Really, if she’s the only one who is blessed by the spiritual thread in the book, then it was worth the hours of writing. And how like God to prompt someone to share the impact of the book. And how like God to have her reading the book right when she needed it. And I wrote it months ago having no idea who it was for…just knowing I had to write that thread and theme.

That’s why I write. Obedience to the stories God has placed on my heart. It’s a trust from Him. Each book and contract is a privilege, and my prayer is to be faithful with each opportunity He entrusts to me.

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