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Today I’m in St. Louis signing Stars in the Night at the International Christian Retail Show. I’m so pumped and hope a few booksellers will stop by so I can give them a copy of the book and my thanks for all they do for Christian fiction. Without them, I really wouldn’t have a way to get my books out.

So in honor of this debut signing, I’m releasing details of my book launch contest:

The grand prize consists of several DVDs of my favorite classic movies, popcorn, cracker jacks, a signed copy of Stars in the Night, and if we reach over 200 entries, a copy of each of my other six World War II based romances. These DVDs are special because they include some of my favorite movies of all time. Bringing Up Baby and The Philadelphia Story are great romantic comedies, both with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart joins them in Philadelphia Story. Just last week, we rewatched one of my favorite musicals: Singing in the Rain, which you’ll also find in these collections along with Easter Parade and Meet Me in St. Louis. And then you can’t do better for dramas than Casablanca and Mrs. Miniver. For the final set, I’m adding Frank Capra’s collection. You’ll have hours of wonderful classics to watch.

Five first prizes: a copy of all my WWII books: that means winners receive a copy of Stars in the Night, Canteen Dreams, Sandhill Dreams, Captive Dreams, A Promise Kept, A Promise Born, and A Promise Forged. That’s plenty of World War II era romances and romantic suspense to fill your summer with reading.

Five second prizes: a signed copy of Stars in the Night.

So how do you enter?

I’m so glad you asked. There are many ways you can enter for a chance at one of these great packages.

  • Help spread the word about Stars in the Night and the contest through facebook, myspace, shoutlife, and twitter.
  • Mention the contest and Stars in the Night on your blog
  • Ask your library to order Stars in the Night and any other of my books.
  • Go into your local bookstores and take a photo of Stars in the Night on the shelf if it’s there or ask the bookstore to order it. If it is there, take a photo and email it to me at cara at caraputman dot com.
  • Post links to order Stars in the Night at CBD, Amazon, or B&N on your blog or social network and let me know you’ve done that.
  • Also, once you’ve read Stars, post a review on CBD, Amazon, or B&N and let me know you’ve done that.

    Each time you do one of the above items, come back here and leave a comment. That will be your entry. So you have the possibility of entering eight to eleven times.

    Not bad!

    So please help me celebrate and spread the word!

The contest ends July 31st.

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  1. Well, obviously I’ve mentioned your book on my blog. =) It also posted to FB, Shoutlife, and the Christian Review of Books.

    Haven’t made it out in public yet (ha ha) but I did order a copy this morning from our online store (part of my new “support my favorite authors” program;-) and will look for it in Waldenbooks when I go to the mall tomorrow. And if I happen to end up with more copies than I know what to do with *grins* I’ll be including them in a gift basket of books that will be raffled at a benefit concert next month.

    I’ll let you figure out how many entrees that is. =)

  2. Hi,
    I posted about this giveaway on Facebook. Thank you for the chance to win this fantastic contest.

    Blessed Be in Christ,
    Barb Shelton

  3. Hi Cara –
    I posted a widget on my blog directing my readers to the contest; it’s on the sidebar of my blog.

    I’d also love to be an influencer (if I’m not the big contest winner!).

    Blessings –



  4. I’m really excited about these movies. Some are among my favorites and I’ve seen many of them in the theater. Thanks for the contest, Cara. I plan to talk about this on facebook. Wow, those movie titles do bring back some memories.

  5. Hi Cara:
    My Mother and I have a bookstore in Southern Indiana. Thank you for running this contest. We weren’t at St. Lou so didn’t know about your book, but I just ordered some copies for our store, Heaven Help Us.

  6. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter or blog, but I have been recommending Cara’s books on my monthly Christian Fiction Newsletter right along.

  7. Congrats, Cara. The series and your latest sound wonderful. I’m looking forward to reading, reviewing, and spreading the word. I just tweeted about your book and your contest!

    jankern at gmail dot com

  8. Cara, our library branches don’t have your books . . . yet. I just requested that they carry them, particularly your newest, Stars in the Night. Hope they do!!!

  9. I put in a request for your books at a library down the road from where I live. This one is different one than my own library which I requested your books last Saturday.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. I asked our local library, Frankston, TX, to order this great read! hope they’ll get it soon!


  11. Cara Putnam is a wonderful author who goes straight for the heart in her books!would love to read her “Stars in the Night” book!

  12. I spread the word on FB and also added Stars in the Night to my Visual Bookshelf want to read list so all of those following my VB will see it too.

  13. Hi Cara, I just posted on my blog about Stars in the Night,including links to purchase at CBD & B&N. this book sounds yummy! I want to thank you for all you do for ACFW, especially for us first-timers. Where would we be without you??
    thanks! Mary Ellis, A Widow’s Hope,2010 Carol Award nominee, long contemporary

  14. I loved the interview with Nora. Your new book looks great. Ilove history and especially WW2 . Betsy Schaknowski

  15. I look forward to reading your book. I love suspense! I posted your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.

    neednspace at aol dot com

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