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Today we’re jet-lagged and our eight-week adventure is over. I hope you’ll humor me if I share a few photos from last week. These are from a city park in Hannover, Germany, our homebase for the last eight weeks.

I was writing a guide to Hannover for GISMA and uncovered more information about a park we’d heard about.  The Stadtpark was built in 1951 and took a bit to find. It’s tucked behind the “old” stadthaus (town hall) and we had to actually walk through to find it because we weren’t sure where to go.

Once inside, we found a beautiful green space filled with flowers, water, and benches for sitting and enjoying. You could sit in the sun or under the shade of large trees. All the green space is one thing I will miss about Hannover. Lafayette doesn’t do that well.

One thing that was fun was stumbling on the large chess sets. There were two. As you can see from the photo, at first all four kids were helping Eric set the board up. Then we sidetracked the younger two with the other set. They could move pieces to their hearts’ content while Eric played Abigail. Then an older man came and started giving us advice while he waited for his friend so they could play. I love that!

chess anyone?

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  1. I didn’t know you guys were in Germany! I bet you got lots of story ideas. 😉 So glad you’re back safely and the pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Too cool. You really did a great job on the photos! I love how you captured your kids’ expressions. Fantastic!

    And I’m sure your brain is churning with ideas for future stories….:)

    Welcome back!

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