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The other day, I recieved the Rockin’ Girl Blogger from a friend… Frankly, I tried to back my way into who it was, but I should have written this post then. Sigh.

It’s always fun to know someone — in this case a really elusive someone — thinks my blog is nice. So I’m passing the award on to some of my favorite blogs:

Sabrina’s Hijinks from the Heartland
Crystal Miller’s Chat ‘n’ Chew Cafe
Tina Forkner’s She Plants a Vineyard
Gina Conroy’s Portrait of a Writer…Interrupted
Candice Speare’s The View From My Perch

I enjoy each of these blogs for different things… not the least of which is I can keep up with my friends.

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  1. These girls are rockin’! And I was pleased that you sometimes check in on me. I bestowed the Rockin’ Girl Blogger on several blogs I read…and realized that I get around. ha Thanks, Cara. That was fun!

  2. Just catching up on blogs! Thanks for the award. I saw you’ve been nominated a couple times as well.

    My mouth is still hanging over from your post of reading 10-25 books a month. I’m lucky to crank out 3. One question. DO YOU SLEEP?

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