Christmas Giveaway #1: Two Robin Lee Hatcher Books

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Today I’m giving away two new books from Robin Lee Hatcher. Here’s more about the two books. 

BetrayalIt’s the turn of the twentieth century and drifter Hugh Brennan is a man well acquainted with betrayal. Hugh finds himself drawn to the attractive widow, Julia, yet when he looks into her eyes, he recognizes the same hurt that haunts him. Julia Grace has little reason to trust men,
but she’s going to have to trust someone if she’s to keep her ranch from the clutches of her dead husband’s half-brother. Is it possible God had a hand in bringing Hugh to her door? The latest historical romance from award-winning author Robin Lee Hatcher and the second book in the Where the Heart Lives series, Betrayal will take you to the high desert of western Wyoming, through the crags of the Rocky Mountains, and into the hearts of two seekers learning to trust God’s love no matter the circumstances.

BelongingIn the high desert town of Frenchman’s Bluff, Idaho, Felicia Kristoffersen has set out to create a future for herself that is better than her painful past. Alone in the world with only her faith to sustain her, she must prove herself as this tiny community’s new school teacher. She cannot, must not, fail. But, there are those who never wanted her there to begin with. Five years after the death of his wife, local merchant Colin Murphy cares about just one thing: raising his daughter, Charity. Colin wants to give her the educational advantages he never had. The new schoolmarm’s inexperience doesn’t sit well with him, and if this teacher up and marries like the last one did, Charity’s heart will be broken once again. A woman who hasn’t known love. A man who lost the love he had. In the midst of the wide, sage-covered plains, each is about to discover that life’s bitterest circumstances truly can work together for good. 

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  1. My son’s college graduation. He’d been struggling with several health issues for a long time and we weren’t sure if he’d be able finish his studies to graduate. But he persevered and he made it! I was extremely proud and thankful to God as I watched him receive his diploma.

  2. Hearing the news that God had healed my brother from cancer. Then later being able to spend time with my parents and siblings, enjoying special moments together and capturing some of those moments on camera. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. My first favorite moment of 2012 was in March when I read debut novel Wildflowers from Winter, long awaited from Katie Ganshert.

    I would love to win. New author for me. Kathleen

  4. wow, how to pick just one? I guess I’d have to say participating in a Christmas dinner theater with the community choir I sing with…a “family” of loving, caring, talented people who are committed to sharing the love of Jesus through drama and song (and some silliness).

  5. 2012 has been a tough year my dad died unexpectedly, but it has made me realize to cherish the time you have with people. God is faithful, and through the tough time has brought our family closer together.

  6. My favorite moment of 2012 was when my daughter woke up from surgery (she had 2) and had feeling back in her arm. The fact that I could hold her hand and she could feel it was amazing!

  7. 2012 has been a year of transition for us. We moved 3 times. I think the best thing was learning to really leave things in the Lord’s hands. As I am an analytical person, I tend to think of all the ‘what ifs’ in situations. God has and is teaching me to leave it ALL with Him – He can handle it!
    Love winning good books – thanks for setting up this contest! God bless and have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. So many great moments! From graduating 3rd in class, teaching child preschool, to running and getting elected to serve. Then the tough moments: moving 3 times, losing a parent. I’m so grateful God is with us in each moment.

  9. That’s a tough one! I guess what stands out in my mind my was when I realised the love of my life felt the same way about me as I did for him. That feeling was surreal and it never gets old. Thank you Jesus!!

    Ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

  10. My favorite moment of 2012 is when my father didn’t die. At the first of the year he had three heart attacks in a row and the doctor told us he would die. But he didn’t, and even though we had to put him in a nursing home he had his 89 birthday in October. He is now up walking and enjoying life.


  11. I don’t know that I can pick a single moment. 2012 has been a great year for me! After several very difficult years, many pieces have “fallen into place” this year regarding my job, continuing school, future plans. It has been a rewarding year, and it has reminded me that God has a plan!

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