Complete Idiots Guide to Business Law

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Coming soon to a bookstore near you. My anomaly book… The Complete Idiots Guide to Business Law. I received my second author copy today. I grin each time I hold it. Never in a million years thought I’d write a book like this!

Just so you know, the target audience is students taking business law. So if you are looking for answers to your “starting-a-small-business” questions, this book will help but is not the definitive source. Instead, it is meant to be an overview of key principles that MBA and undergrad students need to understand.

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  1. Cara,
    You crack me up – I feel like a need to get a copy just to say that I own all your books, but I’m not sure I’ll ever read this one

    Love the cover though – it is really cool!


  2. LOL, I’m with Janna on that one. Unless I write a story where my character is studying business law. LOL. I do remember basic lessons I learned in a general business class that covered stuff like oral agreements, etc. Probably the very basics of this.

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