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To Janna, Patty, and Heather C. You are the winners of free books. Leave a comment with how you would like me to get the book to you and which one you would like. First to comment gets first choice 🙂

1) The Guy I’m Not Dating: Trish Perry (slightly used, but absolutely hilarious chick lit!)
2) Petticoat Ranch: Mary Connealy (zany historical fiction)
3) Bygones: Kim Sawyer (historical fiction)
4) Remember to Forget: Deb Raney (women’s fiction/romance)
5) Coral Moon: Brandilyn Collins (Suspense)

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  1. Cara,
    Yay! I’m so excited – I think I would like Petticoat Ranch, my second choice would be Coral Moon! Pop mine in the mail if you don’t mind – I look forward to getting it!


  2. Cara…. YEAH!!!
    Thank you! I was going to say Petticoat Ranch, but I am a little late for that. You can surprise me!
    I haven’t seen you in a long time, so if you want to meet for lunch we could do that or you could mail it to me…. whatever is best for you. Just email me.
    Thank you,
    Heather C.

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