I have a new car!

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So we bought a new car at the end of July. It’s something we’d talked about and planned for for awhile. Definitely not your spur of the moment decision.

I had to laugh as I took the car for a test drive. My Dad was with me. 🙂 I’m 33, and I took my father for a test drive of my new car.

Probably a year ago now, my friend Kristin Billerbeck sent an article to the ACFW writers loop. It was from AOL news, if I remember correctly. It matched cars with personality. Eric and I laughed as we read it, because the car we were thinking about was listed. And the description fit me.

Another year went by, and now I’m in that car.

A Chrysler Pacifica. The AOL article called it the soccer mom vehicle for women who have kids, but refuse to be relegated to a minivan and don’t want a SUV. Okay, so the refuse-to-be-relegated line is all mine. The thought of driving a minivan just about makes me break out in hives. And a SUV is so not me. That’s really a truck, and not at all what I want.

So I have a Pacifica. And I LOVE it. Good thing, too, since I’ll probably drive it at least seven years. And now my lovely Ford Taurus is being driven by a neighbor’s son. I love being able to bless someone else as we’re moving on to the next car.

Oh, and did I mention, we broke the Pacifica in with a drive to the North Carolina mountains. 🙂 Yeah, we like to do it right.

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  1. Funny, Jonah!

    My niece is married to an attorney who drove a Pacifica. I looked at them and they’re too low to the ground for me. (ha) But Chrysler/Dodge products right now are the coolest designs. My husband wants a Charger, but our new car went to college this year. (ha ha–three boys in college would buy a new car.)

    Sabrina, what is the car you match up with? What would you pick?

  2. I don’t know what I match up with but I’ve always wanted a new Jeep. The new Laredo’s are so nice. But I like yours and the Liberty too. If I could have anything…can you say BMW SUV? LOL. 😉

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