I’m Back and had a great surprise….

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Last night I arrived home late — still a bit groggy this morning, but life goes on. There were stacks of books on my desk. The first shipment of Heartsong Presents Mysteries — boy, do those look good. Amber Morn from Brandilyn Collins. Leaving November by Deborah Raney. Beloved Castaway by Kathleen Y’Barbo. And Courting Emma by Sharlene MacLaren. All very cool and I can’t wait to dive into them…but…

The best box contained copies of Deadly Exposure!!!!! My first (hopefully not last!) Love Inspired Suspense. They did a wonderful job with the cover and backcover copy. It was incredible to hold that baby — the very first book I wrote after God told me to start writing again. And my editor worked so hard with me on it — I’m thrilled with the end result. God is so good!

My page is also up at CBD.com. Be sure to check it out.

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