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I don’t like to think of myself as weird. Though I’m sure I’m … unique! But my friend Pam Meyers, over at A Writer’s Journey, tagged me so here goes. Six unique things about me. Drum roll, please….

1) My first completed manuscript sold…like Pam says that’s really a God thing … and a very long and fun story.

2) I have a town and characters for my legal suspense, but can’t find a plot to save my life. Argh! Which comes first the attorney or the crime? Sing with me…

3) I can barely touch Abigail’s loose teeth, and leave all pulling to her Daddy. There are reasons I went to law school and not med school.

4) I had made probably millions of onion rings at Runza before I headed off to college.

5) I got an A in an art history course I dreaded taking that was at 8 a.m. Yes, that’s in the morning!

6) I don’t know. I knew the first week that I met my husband that I would marry him if he ever asked. I was 16 and he was 18. He didn’t ask until five years later after we’d both graduated from college and started our careers.

7) That last one was a stretch, so how about I was the first homeschooled student my community college and then department at the University of Nebraska had seen. It’s kind of fun being an anomaly. Sort of.

Tag to: Michelle Pendergrass (you’ll have great answers), Gina Conroy, Candice Speare (can’t wait to see your stories), Tricia Goyer (here’s a new series to run on your blogs 🙂 ), Joanna Nash (you’re quirky outlook is always fresh), and Eric (you and the guys can have fun with this on the Bethel blog!).

And if you’re looking for a book to read this week, here’s the CFBA blog tour of the week: The Longing Season by Christine Schaub. To learn more about it, go to the CFBA blog.

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  1. Ha ha! Glad you took the tag, Cara! You’re right “unique” is a better word. Check out my blog today. I mention you over there with a link to here :-).

    Can’t wait to see Canteen Dreams in a book! I’m still jumping up and down fron the night they announced it at the conference **grin**.

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