So excited, then bummed!

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After doing the book MEME, I decided to go hunt for Dee Henderson on the Tyndale website and see if they were releasing anything new from her. It seems like forever since her last book released. Reading her O’Malley series is one of the reasons I’m writing now. Along with Colleen Coble’s and Brandilyn Collins’ books, I realized there might be room for the kind of suspense I wanted to write in the CBA afterall.

Anyway, I click on and see a new title that’s releasing in October. I am so excited!


I click though and see it’s a repackaging of True Courage…With a new title. Darn!

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  1. Well, that just burst my bubble! =( I checked a few weeks back and was excited too. However when I checked, it didn’t have that line about it being a repackaged version. I thought the name Luke Falcon sounded suspiciously familiar too. Sigh. Hopefully she’ll write something new soon!

  2. Ergh. I thought you were about to make my day.

    BUT, I’m glad that they are re-packaging it – maybe then there will be enough interest so she can continue that series. I was really getting into the tie-ins, etc….

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