Stars in the Night Cover!!!!!!

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Here it is….the cover art for Stars in the Night. Stars in the Night is romantic suspense set in Hollywood during World War Two. I’m marrying my two loves with this book. And isn’t the cover gorgeous?!?!?!?! Summerside did a great job!

Rumor has it you might be able to find it in Wal-Mart as early as June, but everywhere in July.
When Audra Schaeffer’s sister disappears in Hollywood, Audra flies there to find her, but has to identify her body instead. Determined to find the killer and bring him to justice, Audra takes a job with the second Hollywood Victory Caravan. Together with Robert Garfield and other stars, she crisscrosses the southern United States as the stars sell war bonds. When Robert’s ex-wife and another woman are found dead on the train, Audra knows the deaths are tied to her sister’s. Is the killer is the man she’s falling in love with? And can she identify the killer before he targets her?

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