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This weekend I found some fun links to stories about Fred Thompson possibly running for president. One of my favorites was this one from the LA Times. It puts a fun spin on his acting career. ABC news weighed in on the story, too.

Then on a completely unrelated note, did you know pet deaths are hard to decipher. USAToday dedicated a story to the challenges of unraveling the causes of pet deaths that seem to be related to the tainted pet food. The interesting note on this one is that they talk to the executive story editor of CSI about the realities of labratory investigative work. I guess everybody’s an expert now!

Then over at there was a story about a scientist who may have uncovered a link to why dogs come in so many sizes. Now me, I’ve always just given the credit to God and His infinite creativity. Why bore us with one kind of dog when there are so many options? Now we can begin to see the genetic foundation God created for all that variety.

Time has a fascinating look at Einstein and religion. I have always been a fan of Einstein’s, though I couldn’t tell you what first got me interested since I’ve never been that interested in higher science. And that may be why: Here’s a man who could see the complexities in teh world and understand the hidden laws that direct it. This article was filled with interesting quotes from the man on his take on God. Looks like he fell into a kind of deism (think Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, etc.). However, one of my favorite quotes from Einstein wasn’t included: “I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are details.” I had a poster with that quote and this picture on it in my dorm room in college. I also thought that if a man as brilliant as Einstein could stick his tongue out at life, then I should find a way to not take life so seriously, too. (Arthur Sase / UPI / Corbis)

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  1. Hey there Cara – I think it has been since before we graduated that we touched base…well, maybe you referred a client or two…..
    Great Blog. Found it through the GMUSL alumni mag. If you go look at my blog you will note that there is nothing on it. I just don’t have the time to write, but we actually DID have the baby that is referenced! Jonathan David was born last August. I am temporarily retired from the practice of law until I can better fit it with my new career as a mom. I look forward to reading your book when it comes out!

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