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If you are a writer within driving distance of Lafayette, take notice! Janet Stephens took these photos and I think they’re great. The only problem is I can’t choose which one should be the author photo in Canteen Dreams. Here’s your chance to vote! Which do you like?

Photo One:

Or Photo Two:

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  1. I decided that number 1 was the best even before I looked to see what everyone else thought. It is much more intimate. Definitely a keeper.


  2. They’re both good, but I’m going for #2. There’s something about the full body shot that I like, Cara. There’s a mood to it that’s good. It’s relaxed and although basically the same shot, the full one gives a more casual feel – not so posed. And it’s different to everyone else’s.

    Sorry to upset the apple cart. :o)

  3. Definitely the first one, that’s closer to your face. The second one, it’s fine, but it actually makes your legs look sorta awkward… 🙂

    LOVE the photos though!!!

  4. You need to go with photo 1 because you need a close up shot of your face. However, 2 is so cute, definitely get some of that because you can use it for other things! I am within driving distance, so you better give me Janet’s card. Can she make me look young and thin again–oh, just let me use your cast off photos…

  5. I really like your posture in photo two, but your expression looks much more natural in photo one. Both are great shots. I vote for photo one.

    And by the looks of the comments so far, one is going to be the winner!

  6. Photo 1 — yeah, photo one definitely. Closer is better. Not that there’s anything wrong with your legs… 🙂

    P.S. That Ane … she would be the different one, eh?

  7. Rose votes for #2. Because she could see the tracks and it shows all you. Teresa Votes #1 because you don’t look like your about to fall over and that your smile is so much more genuine.I do like #2 since its not a major close up like in other book photos I’ve seen. I’m torn. ugh. If I were to pick probably #1.
    Teresa and Rose

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