Weirdness Factor?

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How weird are you? Webster defines weird as “of fate or destiny, …strikingly odd…eccentric or unconventional in behavior.” I like to think of myself as unique, not weird. Ah, well, Tricia Goyer tagged me on a weirdness Meme (still not sure what that means!). So what are five ways I’m weird, I mean unique?

1) I know what a Runza is and love them (the link’s for you, Camy);
2) I think I would have fit in really well in the 1930s and 1940s, I love the movies and time period;
3) Audrey Hepburn: love the clothes and styles. Can we go back to that classic style, please?
4) I was homeschooled, much more common now than it was when we started in 1985-86;
5) I married my first love.

See? I prefer unique to weird. So what makes you unique? 🙂

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  1. Oh wow that looks good! Dang!

    I love Audrey Hepburn, too. But I don’t think I could have lived in that era.

    How am I weird? Uh. . .

    I like the way my dog smells.

    It always rains about a day after I get a sinus headache.

    I like being with teenagers over children.

    I adore Regency romances but could never write them (can you imagine me, loud Asian chick, writing about Mr. Darcy????)

    Oh, I guess technically, that wasn’t anything weird.

    I own something like 4000 books.

    I haven’t vacuumed in about a month.

  2. See to me you’re not weird, just delightfully unique. Semantics are great, arent’ they! I agree with you on teenagers over kids if it’s a big group. LOVE teaching college and adult Sunday school.

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