Which Hat Today?

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I am many things. I play many roles. Maybe you can relate… This week, I will be a wife (well, every day for 19 years!), I will be a mom, I will homeschool my kiddos, I will teach graduate level classes, I will prepare for the MBA classes I’m taking, I will write, I will lawyer, I will be a friend, a mentor, a house painter, a box packer. I will be many things, but most of all I am a Christ follower.
Yet, if I don’t, everything else I do is meaningless. It’s easy in the rush of life to say I’m a Christ follower, but not take the moments to pause. To read my Bible. To pray. To pick up the phone and encourage a sister who needs it. To ask God to help me see the world as He sees the world.

A waste of effort.

A puff of hot air that will disappear without notice.

So today, I sit next to you (go ahead, imagine I’m in the room with you). Maybe I have a white latte. Maybe you have a mug of exotic tea. Maybe a candle burns in the corner, scenting the air with spice. Either way, I’m with you. As your peer. As your friend. As a fellow Christ-follower who doesn’t get it all right. But as someone who wants to.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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