Will Smith on Marriage

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I’ve spent a couple days sequestered in a Chicago hotel working on multiple deadlines while Eric attends a conference. I’ve joked he has a conference and I have a computer. I actually have to get back to work, because I want to spend a couple more hours writing 2-3K more words before I leave. Oh and there’s the final review of Deadly Exposure to finish…

But this morning I had Good Morning America on for a moment while I got ready. Just happened to see the end of an interview with Will Smith. I actually came back to it.

They were talking about his marriage, and he had a great quote. Basically, he said that people invest 60 hours a week in to what’s important to them, and then expect 18-19 minutes on the weekend to keep the most important relationship of their lives going. Instead we need to invest the same energy and effort into our relationships so that they can thrive.

So what do you do to keep your relationships — especially your marriage — not only surviving but thriving?

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  1. Cara, great blog and a lot of insight from Will Smith. I found a wonderful video from Tim and Darcy Kimmel on this subject that talks about the importance of setting boundaries and keeping our egos in check as well as making the choice to put our marriage relationship first. Hope you enjoy http://www.iquestions.com/video/view/617
    I’ll be back!

  2. I’m not married and never have been, so I know very little about the subject, but I can’t help but think that there may be some truth to Will Smith’s statement. When people spend more time doing things together it goes a long way toward developing a relationship. Then if husbands would love their wives like the Bible commands, that would go a long way too.

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