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Thank you so much!!!! Canteen Dreams was selected to be one of two books in the ACFW bookclub during November. I am so excited! Thanks so much for your votes — I had 60% of the vote — this whole process reminded me how, hmm, competitive and, um, compulsive I am. Every time I begin to think I’ve gotten control of that part of my personality, God uses a situation like this to remind me that I still have a long way to go. I really shouldn’t look to things like this for validation. But when I’m honest, I have to admit that I do. I’m so glad that God allows us to be works in progress. And that He never gives up on us, but keeps molding us.

Also, can you believe the Cornhuskers are in 14th place in the USAToday and AP college football polls? Gosh, it’s nice to be solidly back in the top 25. Even if this week’s game was a bit of a squeaker against Wake Forest. Purdue has won it’s first two football games running away. 50 something to 6. Eric and the kids got to go yesterday. Jonathan told me this morning it was AWESOME. 🙂 Raise up children in the way they should go….

And what about them Colts?!?! What a great game on Thursday!!!! They sure look like they are back in Super Bowl Champion form. I have to say though, that what I am enjoying most about watching the Colts games right now is how in each game almost an entire segment is dedicated to Coach Dungy’s book and his faith. Isn’t God good!

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  1. My hubby is in Iraq still, and he was able to watch most of the COLTS game! (My parents used to live in Terre Haute, so we sort of adopted the Colts as one of “our teams.”)

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