What Writing Has Taught Me About God

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Great Things Happen When You Partner with God.

I’m neck deep in edits and writing on a book that’s due in April, and the process is really reminding me why I love writing. Why I feel it is more than a job…it’s a calling more than a job or drudgery. Do any of these reasons resonate with you?

1) Writing has been a journey that has pushed me farther into God than I would have imagined. Not only has He opened doors for me, He is my go-to source of help when I’m stumped or stymied.

2) Writing pushes me to constantly improve. I will never be able to say I’ve arrived. Personally I love that!

3) Writing allows my innate sense of curiosity to romp at will. I’m constantly looking for new ideas and talking with God about which ideas to pursue and which to let rest or slide by in the night. It’s amazing how He’ll alert me to a topic that is fascinating and perfect for a book idea.

4) Writing has given me an amazing community – filled with wonderfulness like my fellow Alley Cats. My life is significantly richer because of the readers and fellow authors who have been added to my circles. They are a gift, plain and simple.

5) Writing requires me to continually update my social media and stay engaged. I choose to think of that as a blessing. Really. Even on the days I wonder what I have to say. It’s in those time that God will remind me why I’m doing this at all.

6) Writing gives me a greater appreciation for reading. I love that moment when I read a book and wish I had the skill or idea to write it! That is the best because then I have a new appreciation for the work that goes into the writing that leads to my reading enjoyment.

7) Writing is a creative outlet that can reach the world with truth. Writing can help us communicate ideas in parable form that someone might never allow us to say out right.

8) Writing has allowed God to work with me through some of my issues. He has taught me about myself and my spiritual journey through the journey my characters experience. There is nothing quite like that sense that I have learned from and about Him in the process.

I’m sure I could think of more, but I’d love to hear what writing has taught or is teaching you.


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