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It’s Fiction Friday and today that means I’m looking at two historicals that just released and I really enjoyed. Also, if you read to the end I’m giving away a copy of Jaime Jo Wright’s The House on Foster Hill. I enjoyed this book so much that I endorsed it and now I want to share a copy with one of you. I also ADORED Juliana Deering’s latest offering in the Drew Farthering Mysteries, Death at Thorburn Hall. This book had a distinctly Thin Man feel that I loved!

First up, The House on Foster Hill. This is a dual timeline novel that slips back and forth between 1906 and modern day. It has an eerie gothic feel with a large home that has stories to tell. I loved this book, the mystery surrounding the home, and the intertwining timelines.

The dual plotlines collide in the spooky house on Foster Hill. Jaime Jo Wright has created a story that will delight historical and contemporary mystery readers. There are hints of romance, suspense, and intrigue that kept me engaged with a story that had characters I quickly cared about. I needed to know how Ivy’s and Kaine’s stories connected and how they would be resolved. A really engaging read.

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I am a huge fan of the Drew Farthering mysteries. There is something about these novels that always makes me think of the Thin Man movies, but Death at Thorburn Hall did even more so. There’s a sweet development in a romance, and Drew and Madeline are as sweet and cute as ever, so like Nick and Nora. This time Drew and Madeline are off with Nick and Carrie to enjoy the 1935 British Open. You know if they’re going to be there a murder won’t be far behind. Unfortunately, one soon happens, followed by others. And our sleuths are determined to get to the bottom of the mysteries. It’s a true puzzle and one I enjoyed trying to figure out before I reach The End of Death at Thorburn Hall. I won’t tell you if I was successful 🙂

Beyond Justice is on ebook sale just until December 3rd. Grab it at this great price while you can! Links to most retailers are here.  And my publisher is running a giveaway for Imperfect Justice on Goodreads through December 4. You can enter that here. With ten copies to giveaway, your odds are great!

Today, if you’ve read this far, be sure to use the form below to enter my giveaway forThe House on Foster Hill. It’s a delightful read!

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  1. I just read Lady Jayne Disappears by Joanna Davidson Politano–it was wonderful and unexpected (several twists and revelations I didn’t see coming.)

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  2. I recently read Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan who is a new-to-me author. I loved it and learned so much about the legal profession. Thanks for the heads up on these new books and for the giveaway!

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  3. The latest new to me author would be C.C.Warrens book Criss Cross.
    It was very good and suspenseful. Poor heroine went through a lot!
    I also read Amber Schamel’s Solve by Christmas. Great lighter read and funny.

  4. My latest new author is Renee Ryan, and I read her third and final book in her Gilded Promises series, Once an Heiress. It was very good, suspenseful and engaging. If you love historical fiction, this is a series you definitely want to read!!!

  5. “Coinman” by Pawan Mishra is an excellent, excellent book! I highly recommend it! Very witty and insightful, with an exact use of language!

  6. Remember, “new to me” was asked so, don’t judge (whispers, “a book by it’s cover”)! Kristin Hannah, read two of her books this year and love her writing. Yes, I realize that was a bad joke LOL

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