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Fiction Friday: Kissed by a Cowboy

Posted on Feb 12 by

It’s Fiction Friday, and today I want to tell you about my friend Debra Clopton’s book Kissed by a Cowboy. I know I had many of you with the word Kiss or the word Cowboy. Add the adorable cover and you’re probably already sold. This is a story of second chances and finding romance when you’ve given up on the idea of true love. It’s about a man determined to break through barriers to win the heart of a woman to skittish to try again. While it deals with the serious issue of moving on when life has taken you down a road you never envisioned, there are flashes of humor that keep the book from being too heavy and hard to read. This could be the perfect spring break book, especially if you like your romances with real characters who have hurts and sparks. Need a snow day read? Try @DebraClopton Kissed by a Cowboy. #amreading Click To Tweet Can Cassidy find a home and a cowboy to steal her heart? Find out in Debra Clopton’s Kissed by a Cowboy, book three...

Shadowed by Grace

“I hope you know what you’re doing, Justice.”
“I do.” She put as much force behind the word as she could without shouting.
He leaned back in his chair, unlit cigar poised to punctuate a thought. “You’ve got talent. A way with that camera.”
She stroked the case, feeling as if it extended from her, a natural extension.

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