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5 Things Every Book Lover Needs

Posted on Sep 27 by

As an avid reader and bibliophile, I love little more than spending an afternoon curled up with a book or strolling through the stacks of a library or bookstore. Now that the weather is beginning to hint at fall, rather than pumpkin spice lattes, I want to talk about the perfect season for curling up with a favorite book. So what does the ultimate bibliophile need? Here are a few items. What does a #bibleophile need? @Cara_Putman has 5 suggestions. #amreading Click To Tweet A 25th hour in a day. A book lover never has enough time to read all of the books tottering in their to-be read pile or languishing on the online wishlist. So if we’re going to do all the other activities demanded of us, we need another hour to allow us to enjoy a book uninterrupted. Otherwise, we are forced to read while brushing our teeth, blow-drying our hair, in five minute snippets while waiting for our kids, etc. You get the idea. When reading is like oxygen, we will do it. It just won’t be easy. Bookshelves. Many, many...

Shadowed by Grace

“I hope you know what you’re doing, Justice.”
“I do.” She put as much force behind the word as she could without shouting.
He leaned back in his chair, unlit cigar poised to punctuate a thought. “You’ve got talent. A way with that camera.”
She stroked the case, feeling as if it extended from her, a natural extension.

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