Making the Most of Book Fairs

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A couple weeks ago I shared some photos from SOKY, a book festival in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It’s an opportunity for readers to meet authors and discover new books. It’s also a great chance for writers to have fun together. Authors, have a bookfair coming up?@Cara_Putman shares tips for #authors & #readers. Click To Tweet Today, I thought I’d share …

Fiction Friday & Thank You!

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It’s Friday and that means I want to tell you about a book I’ve recently inhaled. But first a sidenote: how on earth is it already the 19th of May! I may be hyperventilating over here!

Okay. Deep breath. Back to Fiction Friday.

This week, that’s Fatal Mistake, a romantic suspense that released a couple books ago and was written by my friend Susan Sleeman. I’m very excited that as I’m telling you about Fatal Mistake (May 19), it’s on ebook sale for $4.99.

It’s a Summer Bookclub

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Last week I finished listening to Wild & Free by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan. It’s a book I want to dive deeper into and when I mentioned that on Facebook many of you wanted to dive deeper, too. So here we go. It’s been a few years since we’ve done a study together. If you’ve never done with me, these are really low key. We’ll read a chapter or two a week depending on the length of those particular chapters. Then I’ll write a post designed to get us thinking and talking about what was covered.

Fiction Friday: a look at my TBR pile + Giveaway

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It’s Fiction Friday and I’ve been laboring under deadlines. A very good thing when you’re an author. But it means I haven’t read quite as much as I usually do. So I thought we’d have some fun today. Above is a photo of most of the book in my TBR pile. Since I will soon be past deadline on both books I’m working on, which book would you read first? Why?

Lost Chapters of Beyond Justice

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It has been so fun to read reader’s reactions to the characters and story in Beyond Justice. It’s also been wild to watch my kids enjoy the audio version…It’s a little scary to wait for your sixteen-year-old’s reaction to the words you slaved over. It’s also a little unnerving to begin to see what friends and readers think of the book. Some …

Summer Bookclub?

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So I have a question. Anyone interested in doing a book study with me this summer? Either Wild & Free or Galatians? If you are leave a comment below and I’ll start organizing the details. And if you like audio books like I do, you can buy the ebook for $1.99 (as of 5/4), and add the WhisperSync for about $4.