Fiction Friday: Three Book Smorgasborg

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Today, I want to introduce you to three books I have enjoyed…and they are all unique. Gotta love that. A bit of something for everyone. There the sweet contemporary romance Where Two Hearts Meet, which is a vacation to Prince Edward’s Island. Then there’s Julie Klassen’s latest Regency novel The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill, which is much more than a romance. It’s a richly layered story with a host of characters telling their stories. And last there is the Domino Effect, something of a financial thriller, with a love interest. All unique but good.

5 Ways to Write More than One Book at a Time

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I have often written multiple books at the same time. It’s a part of life when one of your hats is professional writer. But it can also be a real part of the writing journey when you’re getting started writing. The challenge is learning how to juggle the multiple characters, plots, and timelines. Here are a few tips I’ve developed over the years to let me do exactly that:

Fiction Friday: Of Stillness and Storm and Portrait of Emily Price

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This week I want to introduce you to Of Stillness and Storm and A Portrait of Emily Price. Each book is like taking a vacation without leaving home. One takes you to the wilds of Nepal, while the other takes you to Tuscany. Both also take you into the questions we ask ourselves, whether we admit it or not. What do we do …