A Life Well Lived

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Today in honor of his life, I want to giveaway two copies of my WWII collection Ohio Brides. The reason is because the middle book in that trilogy is my first book where the heroine comes to faith. The book I’m writing now is the second. Most of my novels contain characters who are learning and deepening their faith. But A Promise Born was different. I didn’t want to write it that way, but it was very clear that Evelyn was not a Christian. The journey to faith was a precious thing to write.

A Perfect Love is Possible

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and everywhere I turn this last week, God has been teaching me anew about His love and where mine falls short. This song is one that is cycling through my heart. It’s lyrics are a beautiful reminder of God’s love. If I compare it to people around me, I don’t even see a shadow of God’s …

Celebrating 50 Years of Love

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This weekend, my family flew to Orlando to join the rest of my clan for a celebration. My parents will celebrate fifty years together later this month. This is the clan on Saturday at Magic Kingdom. Mom and Dad are in the middle in the royal blue shirts, while the rest of us are clustered around. What started as two …

One Word 2018

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  I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling to believe that 2018 is mere days away. 2017 has been a year. It’s had so much good and some hard. It’s been a year where God has shown and taught me a lot and it started with a word that I wasn’t sure I liked.  What’s your word for 2018?@Cara_Putman …

It’s a Book Sale!

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Did you receive cash as a Christmas present? I’m ready to clean off my shelves, and you benefit! For a limited time, buy any three of these five books for $15. You can buy 4 for $19 or all 5 for $22. That includes shipping and handling. Ohio Brides and Cornhusker Dreams are World War II collections. The rest are …

Christmas Movies to Learn Writing By

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Ever since I researched 1940s Hollywood for Stars in the Night, I’ve been a bigger fan than ever of classic movies. Growing up, my favorite movies were from the 30s and 40s…that hasn’t changed. There’s something I love about the simplicity of that time that shines through in movies that make me laugh and feel. So today I thought I’d share …