God is Good.

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there’s been this one circumstance that has not gone at all like I expected. I researched, I planned, I prayed. And it has been a shadow over this year. And right about the time I hope, pray and plead that it is over, it looks to ramp up again…For all of us I know these truths remain.
God is good.

God never changes.

He loves me completely.

And He will turn this into good.

Homeschooling Curriculum Choices

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I’ve spent the last week evaluating where my kids are and which curriculum will work best for them. Let’s be real. It can be daunting. Overwhelming. Make you want to suck your thumb in a corner. And I don’t attend curriculum fairs for this very reason. It’s simply too much. So how do I reach a decision that I pray will work for each child this year? I answer the following questions: