It’s Football Time!

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It’s that wonderful time of year, when Saturdays are filled with college football and Sundays and Monday nights are filled with the professional variety. We’re upgrading our cable tomorrow just so we can get Monday Night Football again. My Aunt Laurie forwarded the following to me. If you’re ready for some football fun, check these out — though I warn …

Book Contest

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I’ve done it. I’ve made the incredibly hard decision to give away “The Guy I’m Not Dating.” This is hard for at least two reasons. 1) The main character’s name is Kara. Enough said. 2) It is a fabulously funny book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But instead of selfishly keeping it, I’ll give one of you lucky souls the chance …

Out for a Bit

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The kids and I are headed to Nebraska for family celebrations of all kinds: my baby brother’s wedding, my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, and a reception for my cousin who got married last month. I’m excited to see all the family, even if it means a 10+ hour drive each way. We’ll get back early next week, and then early …

Just for Fun

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Are you a know it all? Or do people occassionally call you one, etiher to your face or behind your back? Then check out Tricia Goyer’s blog Generation NeXt Parenting . Today’s post is filled with all kinds of fun trivia including the tidbit that there are more chickens than people on our great planet. Enjoy!

Double Dipping Attorneys?

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I know — your first reaction is, “Impossible. Attorneys who double dip?!?!” Actually, this double-dipping doesn’t involve funds. Pages of ethics rules and opinions exist that restrict that kind of action. This involves clients. In Houston, there are two sets of attorneys who filed wrongful death suits for the same client. There are even allegations that the two firms have …

My First Interview

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This morning my first interview is up. Yep, an interview with me. You’re chance to learn all kinds of details about why I started writing again a year ago. Sabrina Fox posted it on her blog Hijinks from the Heartland and did a great job with it. Sabrina has become a very good friend since last year when we were …

Washing Our Sins Away???

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An Interesting new study was published in the September 8, 2006, issue of Science. Two researchers delved into whether people who have done something unethical — aka sinned — are more likely to want to clean up than those who haven’t fallen. The authors summarize their findings this way: “Daily hygiene routines such as washing hands, as simple and benign …


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A thought for the day: Believe in God like you believe in the sunrise. Not because you can see it, but because you can see all it touches. — C. S. Lewis

Ethics and the Boardroom

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If you’re a board of director for a large Fortune 500 company, should you expect other directors to investigate you and unearth your phone records? I think most of us would say NO. However, that’s what’s happened at Hewlett Packard. Investigators hired by board members impersonated other board members and obtained phone records with partial social security numbers. The new …

A Million Little Pieces

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In January there was a huge flap in publishing about a non-fiction memoir that wasn’t. James Frey had sold A Million Little Pieces as a true account of his life, but an enterprising reporter got to work and proved that many of the stories in the book were just that — stories. Today the New York Times announced that Random …