Fallen Heros

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Yesterday, my community mourned and celebrated the life of a fallen hero,Steven Smith. He died earlier this week rushing into a fire, leaving behind a wife and three girls. More than one thousand people from around the state attended his funeral. Hundreds lined the streets to pay their respects as his casket slowly drove from the local high school, past …

Big City Big Firm v. Small Town Small Firm

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Today I got an education. You see I’m serving as local counsel for a large Ohio firm who is defending a large national company in a lawsuit. You’d recognize it if I named the company, but I won’t — attorney client privilege and all. And really the company is irrelevant to the revelation I got today. Today we had oral …

Celebrating the Men in My Life

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These are the three men in my life. My husband Eric, son Jonathan, and my Daddy (I may be 32, but I will always be his little girl). God has used them to teach me facets of His character. From my Daddy, I learned that God truly is my Abba Father that I can run to like a little child …

Sharing Space

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In a June 17 article, the Indianapolis Star reported that Planned Parenthood would lease space in its new space to an adoption agency. Does this strike anyone else as startling? I’m still trying to wrap my mind around two organizations with such contradictory missions sharing space.

Waiting for Summer’s Return

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I’ll admit, after growing up reading Janette Oke’s prairie romances, I didn’t think a fresh perspective on those tales existed. I am delighted to report I was wrong. Waiting for Summer’s Return, Kim Sawyer’s debut novel, shook my preconceptions. From the first page of this delightful book, I journeyed back to 1894 and the windswept plains of Kansas. Sawyer does …

Cheaper to Settle?

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A recent article in the Indianapolis Star, It’s Cheaper for Mom and Pop to Settle by Regan Morris (June 5, 2006), pointed out a rising trend in the legal field. Due to the rising costs of litigation, it is often cheaper for small businesses to settle lawsuits than to defend against them. Even when Mom and Pop know they have …

The beginning

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All things have a beginning. In the beginning, God carved the world out of a void. My beginning occured when my mom caught my dad’s eye. Life is filled with beginnings. School. Marriage. Family. Career. One beginning morphs into more, followed by something new to take its place. And so this blog has a beginning. This is a place for …