And the winner is….

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Congratulations to Michelle P. You won the autographed copy of Arms of Deliverance after a very scientific selection by my daughter. You should have seen the shredded 3×5 cards. I’ll bring your book to the Indiana ACFW meeting on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who played, and check back because I’ll be giving away other books, too.

Chocolate Anyone?

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A 21 year old man was trapped waist deep in a chocolate vat for more than two hours yesterday. (Doesn’t this sound like a fun scenario for a book subplot!?!?) You can read the AP wire story here. This happened somewhere in Wisconsin, ladies, but I am sad to report that no town is given. So before you race to …

Are You in Denial?

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In an article in the Washington Post online today, reporter Lois Romano uses the results of a recent survey of teens to illustrate just how out of touch parents are. To quote: A third of American teenagers have attended parties where parents were at home while alcohol or illegal drugs were used, according to an annual back-to-school survey on teens’ …

Law — Only in America

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In honor of my husband, who believes blog entries should be shorter, here are a couple legal highlights. First, I found this interesting article When God is in the Lyrics in TIME online. It highlights a case in which a little girl was told she could not sing Awesome God in a after-school talent show. The Alliance Defense Fund and …

Arms of Deliverance

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The day has arrived! I’m giving away an autographed copy of Tricia Goyer’s latest WWII novel, ARMS OF DELIVERANCE. Here’s your chance to win a copy of this book. All you have to do is leave a comment (you don’t have to be a blogger member to post). But in that comment tell me what group of women Tricia focused …

Tag, You’re It

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And I’m late! Last Thursday, my friend Gina Conroy tagged me in Meredith Efkin’s game of blog tag. You see, Meredith’s new to blogging and wanted to try it out. Well, guess what. I didn’t read Gina’s blog that day. OOPS! But Gina also tagged my friend Tricia Goyer, who tagged another friend, Crystal Miller. Crystal gave me a heads-up, …

Books That Inspire Writers

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On her blog It’s Real Life, my friend Tricia Goyer posted today about books that inspire writers. If you love books, take a moment to pop over and read it. I enjoyed learning which books inspired some of my favorite writers. What books do you return to over and over again? I love really good historical fiction. By good I …

10 Things You Should Do Before Going to Heaven

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Quite a title isn’t it. It’s not mine and neither is the idea. My friend Crystal Miller pointed out 10 Things You Should Do Before Going to Heaven in her blog, Chat N’ Chew Cafe. A couple of the suggestions are select a life verse and refuse to act your age. I think I’ve got those two down. The rest …

It’s a Scary World!

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Two months ago today, Eric and I were in London for a delayed tenth year anniversary celebration. We had a delightful four days to explore the city, and loved every minute. We didn’t have any trouble getting in and out of the country (though the customs line was crazy long when we arrived). Today, the situation would be very different. …

80’s Days

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I am a child of the 80s. Somedays I don’t really feel like one, until I see a headline like this in USA Today.: “Pac-Man” is going digital. I’m really not good at video games. In fact my brothers would tell you I am down right lousy at them. But I love Pac-Man. Could slide all kinds of quarters into …