The Challenge of an Underwhelmed Soul

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The Best Yes- Making Wise Choices in theImagine with me a woman who has a job or two. She has four or so kids. She serves at her church, homeschools, and knows she’s competent. This makes it hard for her to say no. But in the rush of keeping up with the kids and their activities. Tracking where her husband is with his busy job. Juggling all the balls and plates and trying very hard not to let anyone down. Yet it happens. She’s not perfect. The pedestal creaks and rocks and at times a plate shatters as it hits the floor.

kids easter

The world’s best (and most active) kids

This scenario is me.

Please tell me I’m not alone. I wish I was, but I don’t think I am. Many of us live in the tension of trying to do everything that’s on our plates.


When I look at our family calendar, I am overwhelmed. Yet I stru   ggle to find ways to cut back. With four kids (three of whom are very active) it’s so hard. Then I look at the quote from The Best Yes in the graphic and I nod.

I have lived that reality. I have lived at a pace so fast it amazes everyone. But even Wonder Woman gets tired. Even Wonder Woman needs time to rest and hear God.overwhelmedschedule


Time with Jesus in the beauty of nature…priceless!

Last summer I reached a point where I felt so poured out and empty that I begged my husband for one day to get away. I know he didn’t understand. But he reluctantly let me go. In that 10 hours of driving to a state park and walking trails and creeks that were new to me, I reconnected with God.

For me that’s where it happens. In nature. Where I am reminded of just how big He is. All is put to rights.

I don’t want to reach that point of such emptiness. A place where when another person would ask for something from me, I simply wanted to curl into a fetal position and cry. That’s not me.


The beauty of creation fuels the need for beauty and peace that saturates me.

But I was depleted.


I don’t want to live there.

But that takes intention.

The intention to think about my schedule in this season of life. And pray for God’s wisdom moving forward. It also happens when I spend time in the word or in a study that challenges me to go deeper. Over the next 6-8 weeks, I’m going to talk about some of the principles from The Best Yes. Think of it as a summer bookclub from the comfort of your home. Sometimes it’s hard to find a study to join. You don’t know anyone. Or your schedule is too full. Or you can’t get out.

This study is coming to you.

MBA math

Sometimes the choices aren’t easy — they feel like they should be, but they aren’t.

Let’s grow and learn together. Let’s chase God’s wisdom for our lives together. Let’s learn how to ferret out all the small nos that make room for the best yes. Those moments when we can be ready and available for God to  use.

I desperately don’t want to waste my time here on planet Earth. The desire of my heart is to know that I made the best use of my time here for God’s glory. But to do that, I have to learn to say no, to stop pleasing everyone all of the time.

kids xmas

My people: Kids who will become adults who change the world for Christ.

Join me? Let’s talk about what it means to serve God and those He’s put in our lives. To do so with intention and wisdom. To chase the dreams He’s planted in our hearts that have become covered with layers of neglect, business, and fear.

All you have to do is get a copy ofThe Best Yes, read the first 3 chapters, and join me next Monday for the next installment. Complete this super short form, and I’ll be sure to shoot you a quick email with each new post.

And if you have any advice for one overwhelmed mama, please add that! Hugs, friends.

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