Week 6: Our Redeemed Identity

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This week I’ve been walking with a friend through miscarriage. A living example of God redeeming mine for the good I begged for in the midst of my own. Doing this has reminded me of how much God wants to redeem every event in our lives, and yet how hard it is to let Him do that.

Each event may not be like my miscarriages. Instead, they may be moments or sin that we through ourselves headlong into. There are those moments in our past that we simply can’t walk completely away from, even though we know that moment or thought has been covered by Jesus and forgiven. We are slow to extend grace and forgiveness to ourselves, allowing our enemy to continually needle us with the results of or existence of our past sins.

As humans, we keep going back to holding ourselves up and making ourselves good.

But we can’t make ourselves good.

It is impossible, yet something we continually try to do. We wrestle for control of our lives and the lives of those we love, all while knowing it’s not possible. It’s when we confront times like a miscarriage, a desperately sick child or loved one, or ____________ (fill in the blank with the thing that makes you out of control).

We can really live with no fear of the future because we are held tightly in His hands, loved dearly and accepted fully as His daughters. But we must believe He is good in order to quietly lie down in His provision. P. 122

We need to settle in our hearts that God fully sees us and He still chooses us. This is simply a fact. Something we need to learn to settle this matter and own it. When we do it will change our lives. If you need a reminder that God loves you like crazy, read Psalm 139. At the end of the chapter, if you have an event you simply can’t let go of Haley suggests creating a time to fully hand it over to God. Write it down, pray over it, and burn it. God’s forgotten it. It’s time for you to forget it.


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