A Happy Ramble… not the kind you think!

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rambleI’ve always longed to travel, dreamed of it. And every once in awhile, God sends an opportunity my way that just makes me smile.

The first week of this month, I was in York, England for a professional conference. Eric and I had a direct flight in and out of Edinburgh (Hugely less expensive) so added a couple days to the end, so we could explore that beautiful city, too.

It was a time filled with conference sessions and relaxing. Ambling and rambling around cities just to see what we could discover. Staring at menu after menu until we found one that looked just right for that meal. (By the way, if you’re ever in York, we highly recommend the Nook. Fantastic food! and great atmosphere!)

So today I thought I’d share a few of our photos from the trip. One of the things Eric liked to do was ask what I thought the story was behind different people and places. I guess he’s trying to get me ready to write this next book! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them. And be sure to go to the end where you can enter a book bundle giveaway I have right now over at my blog.


York Minster: a church has been here for almost 1000 years and 50% of Britain’s medieval stained glass is in its windows. Stunning! But don’t skip the undercroft…


The easy part of our ramble up toward Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. This was a recommendation and so GLAD it was. Breath-taking views.


Just one of the many flowers I photographed. So delicate and hardy at the same time.


Eric taking a picture of me taking a photo of him. Yep, we did that. It’s also in York, such a beautiful, OLD town.


Holyrood Palace where the Queen stays when she’s in Scotland. We didn’t take the tour, but it is beautiful on the outside.


One more view from the hike to Arthur’s Seat. If you’re ever in Edinburgh, you must do this, without the crazy detour Mapquest took us on.

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