What’s Your Dream for 2017?

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Happy 2017, y’all!

Wait, you’re thinking today’s the 24th of January, and I’m more than a wee bit slow in sending New Year’s greetings your way.

Not really. I’m just still taking my time to welcome the new year. As I’ve been thinking about what I want to write about, my mind’s flitted a million directions. That might be because January’s already been a busy month with turning in my next legal suspense on the 17th. Gulp! (Side note: the first book in the series Beyond Justice is available on NetGalley. This is getting real, folks!)

As I start 2017, I’ve been prayerfully considering what the dream for this year is. I’m all about having a word, but I’m also about having a dream. Two years ago it was selling my legal suspense series. Check. Last year it was about teaching in Italy over the summer. Check. Teach full-time at Purdue. Check.

These are those crazy, audacious dreams that God has graciously granted. But now I’m wondering…what’s next.

I’m not sure. That’s amazing. And scary. And a blank page. Like most authors, I’m not fond of a blank page. I like the ones that are scribbled full of details and ideas. But right now there’s a wide openness to my days after I turn in Imperfect Justice. I’m working hard on getting my World War II stories back up and ready for a fresh audience. I’ve got the prequel to Beyond Justice that’s about ready to be sent as a thank you to my email newsletter subscribers (you can join the list here if you like), but there’s also this unsettled feeling that lets me know God is getting ready to give me a new dream. One I’m not certain about…yet I know if it’s from Him, it’s one I want to chase.

So what’s God doing in your heart? What’s He whispering in your soul? Is there a dream that seems to big and dangerous that He might just want you to latch on to? Make this the year you buy a calendar as a daily reminder to ask Him to fulfill the dream.

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