Feeling the Need to Simplify

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Yes, me.

Don’t worry. My pulse is still working quite well. But I’ve hit one of those times where I feel the need to streamline.

I think part of it comes from living in the same place for more than seven years. That has never happened in my life. Never. And I’m feeling the creep of stuff. I have this theory that people should pretend they’re moving every few years, just so they have to purge. Even if they have absolutely zero plans of changing addresses.

It helps that our only real storage is the walk in closets in each bedroom. That’s not a whole lot for five people.

So I’m getting ready to start going through things and being ruthless.

Which leads to my question…how do you tackle the piling creep of things? Any secrets for bringing control and order back to chaos? I’d love some tips!

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  1. I agree with your idea of purging. I hate clutter. Hate it. Several years ago I got rid of all the knicknack things I’d accumulated. I just didn’t like lots of stuff sitting around.

    We downsized houses a while back and though we got rid of a lot of unimportant stuff, again we’re starting to feel the bulging seams. :0/

    As for tips, the only theory I have is that if I forgot I had it–I probably don’t need it. Good luck and happy organizing. 🙂

  2. I do it every winter while I’m cooped up inside. Pretend your moving and think of what it costs to move your whole house full of stuff. Would I pay money to move this? Works for me. I’m purging like crazy to downscale from a 4 bedroom full basement house to a 3 bedroom apartment in Italy……

  3. I like to take a bag and put 15-20 things I don’t need in it to give away to goodwill. I also keep a box in the closet to collect for the church yard sale/triva night throughout the year.

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