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This year, one of my publishers has been playing with the prices on my ebooks they published. Currently, A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island, is on sale for $2.99. While it’s a full length novel, the publisher has put some of my shorter World War II novels at 99 cents at various times.

I’m very curious to see how all this playing with prices effects sales. It also has me wondering…do you have an ereader?

If so, will you humor me? I’d love to know what you think. Just take a minute to answer this survey. I promise it won’t take long, and I’ll give a couple books away — selecting from those who complete the survey.

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  1. I recently found a big box of books I had from before nook and have been rereading them. Often I can’t afford the books over $2.99 or 3.99. So I look for those first. My son gives me b&n gift cards for my birthday & Christmas, then I get what I want. I enjoy you on FB and like your books. Thank you & God Bless. Maureen Verone

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  2. I’m on full disability and reading has always been what I do-ALOT. I can’t afford anything over 2.99 or 3.99, but I have paid a bit more for books that I’ve bought the whole series of, Francine Rivers ($5), and a few with my bday $. Catching A Wedding Transpires and Rainbow’s End on sale last summer is how I found you. I was looking for books about Mackinac Island before I went on vaca w/ my mom. I also get emails about discounted & free books daily and I keep an eye out on fave authors for sales.

  3. I’m both a traditional and an e-book kind of reader. I will often try new authors out on Kindle and buy my favorite authors full price via traditional format. I often buy more than one copy, so I can introduce friends and family to the books too. And, of course, as an author, I know sales are important!

  4. I am always willing to pay up to $10.00 for an ebook but alas my checkbook often doesn’t agree with me. *sigh* I often shop for sale priced ebooks. BUT I do save up my $$$ to buy full priced versions of my favorite authors. My dh will surprise me with gift cards now and gain too and I definitely get books to finish a series or new books from my fave authors with that.

  5. Money and space are limited, so I get many books from the library and also use my ereader. I buy favorite authors in paper sometimes if I think I’ll reread. I also get free books for reviewing.

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      Thanks to everyone for participating in the survey! I’ll post a blog wih the results next week.

      I used rafflecopter to select two random winners. Then I used random.org to select one from the 134 who completed the survey on surveymonkey. All winners have been emailed.

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