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Eric tracked down the footage from Good Morning America for me. If you’ve never been exposed to Jennifer Rothschild and her ministry, this is a great way to catch a glimpse of her heart and style. It’s a great package!

Our family has rediscovered the game CLUE. Did any of y’all play it growing up? We did in my family. Lots. Then this Christmas while we were home in Nebraska, my sister’s family brought it over. Their oldest were 11 and 9 at the time, so old enough to join in. Eric had a copy tucked away in a closet here, so we dug it out a couple weeks ago.

It is now my kids favorite game. Now remember Abigail is 7 and Jonathan is 4.

Jonathan blew us out of the water the other day with a …I guess I’d call it… a lucky guess. The very first time he rolls, he guesses something like Professor Plum in the Billiard Room with the Revolver. And he’s right!!!! We all sat in stunned amazement then started a new game. Last night Eric won on the second or third round. Sometimes you’re just lucky with those first few guesses.

Abigail enjoys the challenge of the game. And I’ve decided I’m going to turn to it the next time I’m stuck on a plot for a suspense. So if you see a character in one of my future books called Colonel Mustard or Miss Scarlet, you’ll know where I got my inspiration!

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