Sweet Tea — Nectar of the gods

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I have decided that Sweet Tea has overtaken Dr Pepper as the nectar of the gods. It is the fuel that keeps me writing long into the nights. And probably is why I need to get back on the treadmill LOL.

Call it my Georgia and Virginia roots coming out, but I was very happy when McDonald’s started carrying sweet tea — and it was good! Chick-Fil-A is another great source. As is Cracker Barrel. We literally plot our road trips around Cracker Barrel, so I can get my fix. LOL

Last Christmas my friend Rachel got me an iced tea maker. It was the perfect gift — even if it plugs in. I use it all the time and love that I can control how sweet the tea is.

The key to good iced tea. You have to use Luzianne tea bags — I like the family sized ones. And you have to put the sugar in first, so that it mixes in with the boiling water. Then it’s not grainy.

Forget chocolate, give me sweet tea! So what’s your special treat?

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  1. I’ve loved sweet tea ever since I visited Alabama to follow my family heritage about eight years ago. Now my Southern roots are showing! It’s very hard to get here in Chicago. You ask for sweet tea and they say they have Raspberry. Not the same thing. I found good ways of making it on the Internet and that’s what I do. In the South you can by it by the jug in grocery stores.

    Adding sugar while the water is boiling is definitely the key. Adding sugar to iced tea is futile. It all goes to the bottom and little is dissolved.

    I haven’t checked the McDonalds around here to see if they have it. Thanks for the tip, Cara!

  2. Forget Chocolate? Forget Chocolate? Did I read your post right? LOL

    Ok, so my vice is Dt. Pepsi and chocoate. When I’m writing, set me up with a 2 liter of soda and a bag of those Brachs gourmet malted milk balls, and I’m a happy camper for hours and hours.

    I’ve never had sweet tea. How’s it compare to just normal tea? Just what it says…sweeter?

  3. I grew up on sweet tea…living in Pennsylvania. I don’t think that qualifies as Southern roots. =) But I never heard of putting the sugar in while the water is boiling. I’ll definitely try that.

    My new favorite drink of the season is hot cinnamon apple juice. Totally scrumptious and sweet either hot or cold.

    Must. Go. Make. Tea.

  4. So, I’m a true, dyed in the wool G.R.I.T. (Girl raised in the south for those who don’t know)and was raised on sweet tea. When I moved to Arizona from Florida they didn’t know what sweet tea was! They drank unsweet sun-brewed tea. (which, by the way, is fantastic!) But I missed my sweet tea! Anyway I’m a big coffee girl in the winter! Pumpkin Spice Latte here I come!

  5. yay for sweet tea!!!! love it! although up here in northern va, except for a few restaurants they don’t have it 🙁

    i love going to bristol, va where my fiance is from. there’s a fast food place called Pal’s that has the best sweet tea, 32 oz for 75 cents! so sweet and sugary!

    i won’t drink sweet tea from mcdonalds though. have you ever seen them bring out the tea to the dispenser? it’s not fresh drip or like the soda machines. they bring it out in a white fishing tackle bucket, open the bucket and just pour it in. the bucket looks dirty! so i don’t do mcdonalds tea.

  6. Well, to compare sweet tea to chocolate, let’s be fair. You never have liked chocolate! In fact, you’re the first person I ever knew who admitted that!Ooooo….
    Did I let a secret out?

  7. Ha! Just returned from a trip to Tennessee where sweet tea is everywhere! One sip and I had to return it because I knew it would take me down the path of destruction! It took me years to wean myself away from its glorious taste. Can you imagine I grew up drinking that stuff and always remained a small size and full of energy. Then I gave it up and now …well lets not go into the size thing and what energy? Maybe I should return to my roots and drink the wonder exlixer again!

  8. I love my sweet tea too but give this girl chocolate any day.

    By the way I love my ice tea maker. My sister gave me one several years ago and after much use and abuse we have purchased two more since.

    I guess I’ll have to drink diet coke and McDonalds now since you can’t avoid it with three kiddos.

  9. lol sorry about that Cara! for all i know everywhere else does that too but it was just right in my face that dirty bucket, haha. chick fi a tea is yummy although i wish they’d put less ice and more tea in it! ok now i’m craving some and it’s not even 11am yet lol

  10. i love the mcdonalds sweet tea, too! – i’m also semi-addicted to the bottled frappucino’s (my work has a big gas-station style refrigerator full of beverages to which employees may help themselves all day long – frap is one of the available choices 🙂 )

  11. Though I’m not a sweet tea fan, I do love tea and the stronger, the better! Our family favorite is made in the coffee maker. 1 Regular family size tea bag and 1 Chai tea bag + 1 pot of water, over ice hits the spot in summer. Now that winter is here, nothing beats a cup of hot peppermint tea.

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