To be a kid…

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My oldest and her friend spent the afternoon at our neighborhood pond. Why? To solve a crime.

You see, a car had somehow driven into the pond. Not an easy task.

And like any good Nancy Drew and other mystery readers, they decided they had to investigate. Surely they would learn something the police missed. 🙂 Ah, to be so precocious.

My daughter already has two notebooks ready to go for their ongoing investigation tomorrow. Now, if I could only take inspiration from that determination. With two trade sized books to write by March 1, I need to get inspired and writing. Even without inspiration, I need to get to work. So today and tomorrow, I’m finishing edits on my final book in the Ohio World War Two series. Then it’s to work…no excuses.

And maybe like my daughter and her friend, I’ll solve a crime or two.

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  1. Cara, I love your daughter’s “get er done” attitude!

    I finished “Captive Dreams” last week and loved it! I’ll be posting my review on websites this week.

    Can’t wait to read my next CP book!

    Mimi B

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